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Driven by making an impact and inspiring change, my mission is to always expand my understanding of contemporary issues and developing campaigns pushing for positive solutions.

Learn more about my focus below.

Engage community to reinforce a safe, vibrant and progressive environment. Over 1000 Code Zero's - no ambulances available, the lack of police presence 

 Accelerate and enhance the planned Indoor/Outdoor recreational facilities for Riverside South and Findlay Creek

Improvement for reliable transport and infrastructure to support a growing population – 4 Lane roads

-Intersection of Bank & Leitrim, LRT. 

Riverside/Findlay Creek residents have, inaccessible, low-quality service and high fares. It is imperative that we start focusing on building and maintaining a well connected reliable community.  Improved bus routes need to include sites like shopping hubs, parks and recreational facilities are the first step.  

Supporting local business / jobs through grants to fund new technology and equipment. 

As  Riverside South / Findlay Creek continues to grow, it’s very important that we make sure any future developments will add value to our neighbours and local businesses. 

90- Day Freeze on City spending first 3 months - Hire consultants for full review. I'm committed to working with residents to improve community consultation on projects and hold City Hall accountable.

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